About Us

Some household items can change lives: a home computer for a seventh grader; safer electronics for an older married couple; a healthy mattress for a 3-year-old and a new washer/dryer for her mother.

However, for a growing number of financially challenged consumers, the opportunity to make these sorts of key purchases — to change the lives of their families — is becoming more difficult. For many, in fact, no traditional payment options are even available.

The Open Door Coalition was established to address this issue. The Open Door Coalition seeks to close the opportunity gap and ensure that access to important household purchases is available to all Americans.

(Photo: wavebreakmedia, Photo: George Rudy, Photo: Andy Dean Photography, Photo: pixelheadphoto_digitalskillet, Photo: Africa Studio, Photo: Dubova) (Photo credits: wavebreakmedia, George Rudy, Andy Dean Photography, pixelheadphoto_digitalskillet, Africa Studio, Dubova)

Our Mission

Support alternative ownership arrangements like lease-to-own that give every family – regardless of their financial status – the opportunity for a better future.

Better educate consumers by providing guidance and information aimed at strengthening their financial status.

Increase awareness for the critical and positive role that leasing and other alternative ownership opportunities play in improving lives.