After Identity Theft Sank His Credit, Rent-to-Own Helped This Firefighter Recover

With a full-time job, a volunteer firefighter position and a young daughter, Quentin Mitchell has embraced the role of “provider.”

But until he became a rent-to-own customer, Mitchell could barely afford the necessities to support himself, let alone a little girl. As a victim of identity theft, Mitchell saw his credit score plummet more than 200 points. With limited options, he pursued rent-to-own.

“When I walked into a rent-to-own store, it turned into a great place to do business,” Mitchell said. “I told them what I was looking for … They explained the ins and outs of that product, and it was just an overall great experience.”

From there, Mitchell was able to bring home the items he needed to make a home for himself and his daughter, including a washing machine and a TV.

As a rent-to-own customer for the past two years, Mitchell said he’d recommend the experience to others.

“Growing up, I was taught to be the provider,” he said. “Thanks to rent-to-own, I can afford to do it.”

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