Formerly Homeless, He Now Has a Place to Call Home

After struggling with addiction and living in and out of homeless shelters, Jonathon Gonzalez desperately wanted a place he could call home.

“Coming home before rent-to-own was anything but a home,” Gonzalez, who now manages a pet grooming salon, recalled. “I would call it a roof.” So he decided to use rent-to-own to furnish his place and get back on his feet.

“With each new product, it wasn’t simply the product itself,” he said. “It wasn’t just a bed. It wasn’t just a television. It wasn’t just a dresser. It was simply being able to have these things and not worry about someone knocking on my door to take them.”

Staying above the addiction is a daily struggle for Gonzalez, but he said using rent-to-own is a big step in staying grounded and healthy. “I finally feel like I have a home.”

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